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Where is TeamFiber going in 2017?

11:52AM September 07, 2016

North Dowagiac and Marcellus have literally been running neck and neck for the coveted top spot in our Zones in Pre-Registration. Folks in those areas have been working hard for bragging rights as our next zones to “go green” on the map and move into construction.

So today, we’re excited to reward all of their collective grassroots efforts and move BOTH North Dowagiac and Marcellus Zones into active status! Welcome to our 2017 build!

To be fair, North Dowagiac comes into this announcement with a slight lead, so walk-out work has already commenced. Because of the size of this area, we’re building out in two phases. The WEST North Dowagiac Zone is the geography west of the Amtrak railway, and will go into construction first, with home installs tentatively beginning in the second quarter. The EAST North Dowagiac Zone is east of the railway, and should see home installs beginning in quarter three. Remember, there are many steps to this process; refresh yourself with our How Long Until I Have Fiber video.

We’ll begin walking out the Marcellus area yet this year, and expect to start lighting up homes in the fourth quarter of 2017.

We celebrated our 2500th installation last week and are lighting up 50-60 new customers every week. Fiber-speed internet is all the buzz across southwest Michigan.

Here is the long-awaited construction update for all of our active zones:

All construction is complete and members are being scheduled and/or hooked up daily in Calvin, East Vicksburg/North Mendon, Mottville, North Three Rivers, Schoolcraft, Southwest Edwardsburg/East Niles, West Cassopolis/North Edwardsburg, and West-South Dowagiac. If you’re a new user in one of these zones, welcome to the rural broadband revolution! Our installers continue to bring service to life for members in these zones everyday!

Keeler:  We’ve made great progress on construction through the summer. We’re building out three circuits and each is on a different phase of the process. We’ll begin home installs in October for two of the circuits, and expect to have everyone currently in the crowd lit by year end.

Northeast Cassopolis: We’re moving into the splicing stage of construction. Once that’s complete, we still have to build the drops and the drop splicing, but expect to begin home installs in the fourth quarter.

We love hearing from those who are now using the service, and encourage those who are waiting to continue talking it up. Remember, your electric cooperative is stepping up to the plate to bring the gold standard of broadband internet. We’re working hard for you! Stay up to date on everything related to fiber and your Utility of the Future by following us on our Facebook page.

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