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Welcoming Jones to our 2018 Build

11:08AM January 10, 2018

In case you missed our big Facebook Live announcement on Tuesday, we’ve added another zone to our 2018 build. Welcome Jones!

So where do we stand with 2018 construction? We’re glad you asked! Here’s a recap of where we’re going and the current status.

North Marcellus/South Lawton: All walkout work is complete and mainline construction is complete for two of the three circuits. Mainline splicing, drop construction and drop splicing will continue through the first quarter (unless Mother Nature drops another major arctic freeze on us!), and we still expect home installs to begin during the second quarter.

Union: We have four circuits coming out of this substation, so work will be a little more staggered and some will be lit earlier than others. It’s just the nature of the build! Walkout work is complete on two of those circuits, and the other two will be underway in the first quarter. Generally speaking, we expect mainline construction and mainline splicing to be completed for all by the end of the second quarter, with drop construction and drop splicing slated for third quarter. All home installs also should be underway in Q3.

West Three Rivers: Walkout work will be underway during the first quarter on the two circuits coming from this sub, with mainline construction following in second quarter. We expect the other construction steps will follow in short order so that we can begin home installs in the third quarter.

Jones: Watch for an email from us over the next week or so to confirm your order; it’s a critical step for continuing your process. Walkout work should begin in July and we expect home installations to start sometime during the fourth quarter. Future updates will include more detail on the newest member of our 2018 build.

Because this is year four of our five-year southwest Michigan deployment, we know that our 2019 build will include Hartford-Covert, Texas-Portage, Paw Paw, Constantine-White Pigeon, and Bloomingdale. You can still play a role in shaping who goes first in 2019 by continuing to build interest in your zone. As with all of our other areas, the actual construction plan will be driven by the percentage of interest in each zone.

If you’re in one of our southeast Michigan and northwest Ohio areas, we encourage you to continue spreading the word and getting friends and neighbors to sign up. Early this year, the Board of Directors will evaluate service options for our members in the Adrian service, so this is the time to build your zone. 

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