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October 2018 Construction Update

11:45AM November 06, 2018

In September we installed our 8,000th consumer. We knew our rural service area needed and deserved a high-speed option, and the reaction has exceeded even our expectations.

Year four of our five-year southwest Michigan deployment is quickly coming to an end, and we’re beginning some walk-out and other preliminary work for our fifth and final year of construction. Please remember there are a lot of steps to the construction process, and you’ll see us working in the field long before we’re ready to schedule your home installation. Here is our general plan right now for when we will begin home installs with our 2019 deployment:

  • Covert/Hartford Zone: Q2
  • Texas Zone: Q2
  • Paw Paw Zone: Q3
  • Constantine/White Pigeon Zone: Q4

Our workplan to secure funding for our next phase is ready to present to the board at their October meeting. We’re gearing up to build out our southeast Michigan and northern Ohio service area in 2020. We expect this to be an 18-month construction process, and we’ll share specific details as we get closer.

Active Zones Update

We’re coming off a huge summer of sign-ups, and are about 6-8 weeks out on home installs for new subscribers. If you call today to request service in a fully-constructed zone, we still need to do the drop construction and splicing from the mainline to your home or business. We’re getting to you as quickly as we can and appreciate your patience.

As far as wrapping up 2018 construction, here’s the update:

  • Bloomingdale: We’re beginning home installs as we wrap up the drop splicing and construction for consumers who are signed up. It’s full-steam-ahead in Q4 to get everyone activated.
  • Jones:  We’re finishing up mainline construction and Q4 will be filled with drop construction, drop splicing and the long-awaited home installs.
  • West Three Rivers: Home installs are now underway on both circuits. If you haven’t received your call, know we’re coming soon!

If you are in a current construction area and looking for an update, please feel free to email us at and we’ll see what information we can provide.

One of our Facebook followers recently shared this on our page: “Today, October 1, is the first day of the 4th quarter, and my humble street in Newberg Township is scheduled for installation of the new fiber optic internet in this quarter. My neighbors and I are sitting outside like an anticipatory Welcome Wagon!”

That’s why we’re working so hard! Thank you for your enthusiasm and patience in encouraging and helping us transform the rural space and experience.

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