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January 2019 Fiber Internet Construction Update

1:11PM January 18, 2019

Welcome to 2019, the fifth and final year of our southwest Michigan deployment. With a cooperative winter (so far!), crews have made great progress on construction efforts for our 2019 build. Here’s a quick update for those of you still patiently waiting:  


Hartford/Covert: We started  in Hartford, and walkout, mainline construction and mainline splicing is either complete or well underway. Next steps include drop construction and drop splicing, and we will begin home installs in Q2. For our friends in Covert, mainline work starts this quarter, and drop construction and splicing is on track to begin in Q2. You also will begin seeing home installs in Q2.


Texas: Walkout work is complete and mainline construction is underway. We expect to begin home installs in Q2.


Paw Paw: Walkout work is underway and mainline construction and splicing will begin in Q2. Drop work and home installs should follow in Q3.


Constantine/White Pigeon: Last, but definitely not least, we’ll start your walkout work in Q1 and mainline work will begin in Q3. Your home installs will begin in Q4.


If you are in a current construction area and looking for an update, please feel free to email us at and we’ll see what information we can provide.


Southeast Michigan/Northern Ohio:

We submitted the board-approved workplan to the Rural Utilities Service, and secured our funding to build the Adrian infrastructure (as well as other cooperative-wide initiatives). It’s full steam ahead to begin our efforts in 2020!


Other News:

People love their fiber internet, and word is spreading well beyond our electric service territory. There have been a number of efforts organized by townships, communities, and neighborhood associations to bring fiber to their areas. With our construction efforts fully staffed and ahead of schedule, we’re looking at and evaluating opportunities for expansion on a case-by-case basis. We’re handling these requests very differently than our planned deployment for our electric customers, and our construction plan will not be impacted. Each unique build will require a minimum number of subscribers and up-front cash to help cover construction expenses. Ultimately this is a win-win situation as we’re able to bring a transformational high-speed experience to many additional people and margins will benefit our cooperative consumers. 

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