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What Zone Will Be First 2018 Build?

8:24AM September 27, 2017

What’s better in the fall than college football, the changing of the colors, and all things pumpkin spice?

The big announcement of the first fiber build of 2018!

We now have nearly 5500 subscribers actively using our fiber internet service, and are adding about 250 each month. We’re changing the landscape of opportunity for our members in southwest Michigan.

So what’s next?

We’re looking to year four of our five-year southwest Michigan deployment and getting ready to announce our next zone to go live. As it stands right now, our Union Zone is in the lead at 57% to goal, with West Three Rivers Zone slightly trailing at 53% to goal. There’s still opportunity to impact the plan by talking up the service and getting your friends and neighbors to sign up.

Friday the 13th tends to evoke feelings of fear, but for one zone it will be a day of joy as we announce our first build of 2018. And if it’s not your zone, don’t fret. We’ll bring additional zones into the 2018 construction year, and officially wrap up our southwest Michigan deployment in 2019.

In November your Board of Directors will meet to discuss our future plans for deployment, including our southeast Michigan deployment plans. Stay tuned as we think big and long, and hold on to these words from Tereasa in Mattawan, “I love the fiber and definitely thank Midwest for doing this! Very awesome. So nice to be rural living with city speed.”

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