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September 2018 Construction Update

10:39AM September 10, 2018

August 2018 was one of our biggest months in history for installations, with 326 total new subscribers joining the fiber family. Our entire team -- from the behind-the-scenes engineers and mapping folks who plan and coordinate your construction, to the solutions agents who walk you through the process and schedule your home installation, to the technicians who bring the magic to life at your home – we’re working hard to transform your rural experience with fiber internet.


As we quickly approach the end of year four and prepare for our final year of the southwest Michigan deployment, here’s a quick look at where we are with our zones in construction:


Bloomingdale: Mainline construction and splicing work is complete and we’re now actively working on drop construction and drop splicing. The call for your home installation is coming soon!

Jones: This is a huge zone with four circuits. We expect all mainline construction and splicing to be complete by the end of this month, then it’s full steam ahead with drop construction, drop splicing and home installs in Q4.

Union: Everything is built, lit and home installs well underway.

West Three Rivers: Drop construction and drop splicing continue, and we started the first of the home installs in August.

2019 Build: In 2019, we will complete our initial five-year southwest Michigan deployment and build out to consumers in our Constantine-White Pigeon, Hartford-Covert, Paw Paw, and Texas-Portage Zones. We hope to share a specific construction plan and timeline with our October construction update.

2020 Build: The workplan is underway to secure funding for our southeast Michigan (Adrian service area) build. We expect this to be an 18-month construction process.

If you are in a current construction area and looking for an update, please feel free to email us at and we’ll see what information we can provide.


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