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Our Gift to YOU on our 3rd Anniversary

3:30PM January 10, 2017

Three years ago today, on an equally cold and blustery winter day, we installed service to our very first fiber internet customer.

Today we have 3,361 active subscribers, and are hooking up about 50 new customers a week!

As we celebrate the growing success of this business, we’re excited to share a great NEW advantage to fiber internet from Midwest Connections. Our gift to YOU!

While more and more incumbent providers are taking away from the service experience by imposing data limits with stiff penalties for overages, Team Fiber is offering even more by moving all customers to the comparable symmetrical service plan at the non-symmetrical price!

Effective February 1, customers who previously paid $49.95/month for 25 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload will now enjoy 25 Mbps down and up for the same price. And those who previously paid $79.95/month for 25 Mbps down and up will keep those amazing speeds at the reduced price of $49.95/month. This change is for customers in all four plans!

Symmetrical service means you get the same speeds for both downloading and uploading. Downloading, which represents the majority of our internet use, is receiving data from the internet to your device. When you put in a website or stream a movie, you’re pulling data down from the internet.

Uploading is sending data from your device to the internet. When you post your fabulous family photos on social media, send email, play online games, or work from home using a remote network, you’re uploading data to the internet.

Symmetrical packages, fiber-speed experiences, and unlimited data.  Happy 3rd anniversary from Team Fiber!

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