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June 2018 Construction Update

9:58AM June 06, 2018

On Monday we hit another amazing milestone: 7000 active subscribers. And we’re still growing at the speed of light, so to speak. In April we announced the price decrease on our top-tier packages, and more than 625 people signed up for new service since that time, and 179 upgraded their existing service. Exciting days in rural southwest Michigan.


Still waiting for your service? Here’s a quick update on areas under construction:


Bloomingdale: Walkout work is underway and we expect the other steps in the construction process to happen during Q3 so we can begin home installs in Q4.

Jones: This is a large zone with four circuits. Walk-out work on all circuits is almost finished, and the mainline construction will begin in Q3. We’re still on track to begin home installs in Q4.

Union: Another big zone with staggered construction. Home installs have started on three of the four circuits, and we’re finishing drop splicing on the fourth circuit and expect to begin home installs in Q3.

West Three Rivers: Mainline construction is done and we’re actively working on mainline splicing and drop construction. Home installs will be underway early in Q3.

2019 Build: In 2019, we will complete our initial five-year southwest Michigan deployment and build out to consumers in our Constantine-White Pigeon, Hartford-Covert, Paw Paw, and Texas-Portage Zones. We don’t have a specific construction plan or timeline in place yet, but will share it as soon as we can.

Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio: What about us? We’ve heard your cries and are taking some options to the Board of Directors later this month. Stay tuned for more information!

We’re honored to bring first-in-class solutions, like fiber internet, where others won’t. Michael, a new subscriber from Dowagiac, recently shared these words,As a 30-year veteran of the computer industry, I have had to work with a lot of customers needing faster Internet speeds. I can say, as a professional, that there is no substitute for the speed of fiber. Midwest has made things better by providing faster speeds in the country than other providers do in the city. That's pretty amazing. Big kudos to you folks!”

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