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June 2017 Construction Update

7:39AM June 08, 2017

How is it June already?! It seems like 2017 is moving at fiber speed. While the year is half over, we’re working just as hard as ever to bring high-speed, reliable internet to our communities. This summer has more exciting developments underway:

West-North Dowagiac: We recently completed all phases and are now actively doing home installs.

East-North Dowagiac: We’ve completed main-line construction and splicing on one circuit and expect to complete construction on the other two this summer. Drop construction and drop splicing will begin promptly after that with home installs beginning this summer.

Mattawan: Walkout work is complete and the next phases (mainline construction / splicing, drop construction / splicing) should wrap up by fall. Home installs are just a few months away.

Marcellus: Main-line construction and splicing have begun and drop construction and splicing should be wrapped up by fall. Just like your friends in Mattawan, home installs are right around the corner.

We know how hard it is to wait for this service. Just remember, with each new install, we are helping you build connections of your own – just like Beverly from Three Rivers: “Broadband Internet has helped me interact with my grandchildren who live nearby in a new and fun way.  We have always had a good relationship, but now this relationship has been additionally enriched.  In addition, I am now able to face time with my little granddaughter in Chicago.  How cool is that!”

Time is running out to help your zone win the race to be next in line for construction. June 30 is the deadline to pre-register!  As of June 7, North Marcellus-South Lawton and Union are in a dead heat at 51% of the goal. West Three Rivers is coming in third at 48%. So now is the time to recruit your neighbors to Join the Crowd.

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