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February 2019 Fiber Internet Construction Update

1:36PM February 11, 2019

Mother Nature finally caught up with us and we had to stop our underground service drop work for the winter. This doesn’t bring all activity to a screeching halt, but does mean we have to “temp” some of the drop construction to your home. If you see the line crossing your yard, please rest assured that we’ll return in the spring to bury your service.


Waiting is hard, especially when you’re in the fifth and final year of our southwest Michigan deployment. We hope these words from Debra in Decatur help you stay patient. “This service has been a game changer for us. We couldn’t be more pleased. When we cancelled our Frontier service I explained to their service rep that our electric company was providing fiber service. His comment: ‘Hmm… I’ve never heard of that one before.’ I told him, ‘It’s too bad that a communications-based company cannot keep up with an electric utility. You guys aren’t in the game anymore.’ Thanks for doing this MEC. We are very grateful.”


Mic drop!


Here is the update on our 2019 construction:


Hartford/Covert: In Hartford, we’re almost finished with the all of the main line work, and are beginning drop construction and splicing. Home installs are still on track to begin in Q2. With the main line work done in Hartford, Covert customers should see aerial crews at work as we begin construction. You’ll also see home installs beginning in Q2.


Texas: We’re finishing up the main line construction and splicing. We will begin drop work and the long-awaited home installs in Q2.


Paw Paw: We’re still on track to begin your main line construction and splicing in Q2, with drop work and home installs following in Q3.


Constantine/White Pigeon: Walkout work is underway, and we’ll start main line construction in Q3. Your home installs will begin in Q4.


If you are in a current construction area and looking for an update, please feel free to email us at and we’ll see what information we can provide.


Southeast Michigan/Northern Ohio:

Before you ever see any construction work in the field, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes mapping and construction management being done. The good news is we’ve hired a contractor to begin working on that piece of your build. Work is officially underway and actual construction for the 18-month build will begin in 2020.


Expansion Plans:

As shared in the January update, we’re starting to consider expansion in our southwest Michigan territory, and boy are people excited! We’re reaching out to over 30,000 people in areas outside of our electric service territory that have already built a significant base of interest in our Crowd. Based on the response, we will develop some short-term plans and begin to build a five-year strategy for expansion. None of this will impact our planned deployment, and our electric customers will not shoulder any costs related to expansion. Each additional build will require a minimum number of subscribers and up-front cash to help cover construction expenses so that there is only positive benefit for MEC and our electric customers.


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