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BIG news for 2017 Construction Plan

12:15PM April 25, 2017

“Down to the Wire”

“Win by a Nose”

“Home Stretch”

“Dark Horse”

These are just a few everyday expressions that originated in the sport of horseracing. As we approach Kentucky Derby weekend, let’s apply those phrases to our crowd action and share some exciting news.

For many months, three zones have been in a tight horse race for the top spot among our zones in pre-registration. North Marcellus-South Lawton is at 47% to goal, Union is at 46%, and West Three Rivers is at 45%. Each is vying for the coveted first build of 2018, and it’s anyone’s race to win at this point.

Here’s the news. Thanks for the very mild winter of 2017, we are well ahead of schedule and prepared to move one more zone into our 2017 build. The stakes just got higher!

It’s time to get out there and spread the word on behalf of your zone. On June 30 we will announce one more zone to go into construction in 2017, with home installs beginning in early 2018. We’re getting down to the wire!

We’re not ruling out the possibility that a dark horse will emerge in this race; one of our zones at a lower percentage could rise up and win by a nose. Again, it’s anyone’s race to win as we approach the home stretch of the 2017 construction plan.

Need some sales materials to help you spread the word? Just shoot us a message through our website, and we’ll hook you up.

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