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August 2017 Construction Update

8:31AM August 24, 2017

In a one-week period in August, we launched our new Midwest Energy & Communications name and logo, moved into our beautiful new headquarters, and celebrated our 5000th fiber internet installation.

We’ve been a little busy, and the work isn’t slowing down.

We are just over halfway through our five-year southwest Michigan construction plan, and starting to consider next steps to develop a construction plan and timeline for our southeast Michigan service territory. Together our future is bright as we continue our diligent efforts to make sure that small town life doesn’t mean giving up on better living.

Here is the latest construction update:

East-North Dowagiac: We've lit the first few subscribers as we complete all elements of construction. We'll be in touch soon to schedule your install. 

Mattawan: Walkout work is complete and the next phases (mainline construction / splicing, drop construction / splicing) are in progress. Some home installs have begun, and we're full steam ahead with installations this fall.

Marcellus: Main-line construction and splicing have begun and drop construction and splicing should be wrapped up by fall. Just like your friends in Mattawan, some home installs have begun with more just around the corner

North Marcellus / South Lawton: Walkouts have begun for this zone that won this summer’s race to be next in line for construction. Main line construction and splicing begin in the fourth quarter of this year, followed by drop construction and splicing during the first quarter of 2018. You’ll be celebrating spring and warm weather with fiber internet as installations begin in the second quarter.

How do we pick our zones? We don’t; you do. We determine our next zones based on the amount of interest from folks in that zone. So be sure to tell all your friends who live in the area to register here.

Waiting is never fun, and we understand the disappointment that comes with knowing your zone isn’t yet on the list. However, we are building along the same infrastructure that took decades to complete originally, and we every day we make progress.

Laura from Mendon offered a perfect context for the wait: “When you live out in the country, you learn that not all things are easy, not all things are accessible at a moment’s notice. The country teaches you patience and understanding. Today, within a blink of an eye, something that was told would never happen to rural people happened. We have internet, and not by a tether of a phone or an air card with an astronomical price tag on it. Thank you Midwest for being the stand-up people that you said you were.”

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