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April 2017 Construction Update

10:38AM April 05, 2017

The winter of 2016-17 was unpredictable at best. The early months that typically bring snowfall and ice brought unprecedented tornadoes and crazy wind storms in this unusual year. The good news is we were able to keep construction moving through most of the mild season, and are now ahead of schedule!

What are we hearing from our most recent installs? Ken from Waltervliet said, “It’s been a long time waiting, but Midwest has gotten rural Michigan out of the 1980s with the installation of their fiber internet.” And Lisa from Hartford wrote, “Before your fiber we only had dial-up or satellite internet. Being out in the country, we thought we would never have the opportunity to have fiber internet, but Midwest changed all that! No more data caps. My kids can be online for school projects without worry of overages. We are able to stream movies, videos, music, etc. It’s FAST and your plans are VERY affordable.”

Ken and Lisa join about 4000 other active subscribers now enjoying the gold standard of high-speed service, and we’re adding about 50 more each week. Given our great progress, we thought it was time to share another general construction update related to our new 2017 zones:

West North Dowagiac: Surfing at the speed of light has officially started for a few customers served off of one of the two circuits. We’re finishing up the drop splicing for members on the other circuit and expect to begin home installs for those members early in May.

East North Dowagiac: We’ve got three circuits in this area, and construction has started on one. We expect to get through all of the next steps (splicing, drops and drop splicing) on all three circuits throughout the spring, and begin home installs this summer.

Marcellus: Walk-out work is complete on all three circuits, and construction and splicing work have started on one. We expect to get through all of the steps leading up to home installs on all three circuits through the summer, and begin home installs this fall.

Mattawan: We’re working on four circuits in this zone, and walk-out work is complete. We’ve started construction on one of the circuits, and expect to get through all the steps on all four circuits through the summer. Like Marcellus, you should begin seeing home installs this fall.

The horse race for the top spot of zones in pre-registration continues. North Marcellus-South Lawton and Union Zones are currently at 46%, and West Three Rivers is hanging in there at 45%. Who’s going to nose ahead for the coveted first build of 2018? Only time will tell!

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