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8:10AM July 05, 2017

After a very close race, we’re excited to announce North Marcellus-South Lawton as our next zone to go into the 2017 fiber construction plan. At the end of our special sign-up period, they emerged ahead of the pack by just a few pre-registrations. The winning-zone ended up at 55% to goal, while Union was an extremely close second with 54%. West Three Rivers landed in third with 52%.

Congratulations North Marcellus-South Lawton! Construction will begin soon with in-home installations beginning in the second quarter of 2018.

Feeling a little deflated because your zone wasn’t the winner? Stay tuned as we will announce the first build of 2018 in October.

You can keep the enthusiasm for your zone going by telling your neighbors to pre-register for service on our Crowd website. We determine construction based on interest expressed through pre-registrations. When we are ready to pick a zone, we go to the one with greatest percentage of interest.

Want help spreading the word in your zone? Send us a message, and we can provide you with some materials.


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